2 mai 2017

The Tuesday View: 2nd May 2017

Morning view

Today view is the first of May and a beautiful one, with more tulips in bloom against a background that is becoming greener every day. I took photos both in the morning to catch the tulips widely open and in the afternoon to reveal the colours contrast.

Late afternoon view

The Aveyron tulips in bloom add an elegant touch to this week view:

6 comentarii:

  1. Your Aveyron tulip is lovely Anca! What a strange name though, do you know where it comes from\/

    1. I do not know where the name comes from, I have read there is a region in France with this name.

  2. Inca o lalea splendida ! Am pierdut numarul soiurilor din gradina ta :)

  3. Oh yes, those tulips are beautiful Anca. And taking a photo am and pm is a great idea too. It looks so pretty and green in your garden now! :)