31 iul. 2017

In a Vase on Monday - July White

There is quite a lot of white in the garden at this end of July as roses are in their second flowering and Hydrangea paniculata limelight,  Physostegia virginiana ”Summer Snow”and  Achillea ptarmica 'The Pearl' have grown in big tall clumps this summer and are in full bloom these days.So, some beautiful „whites”got in today vase.


28 iul. 2017

Top 5 perene de iulie #pastila de grădinărit

Top 5 perene (pentru straturi și borduri) care înfloresc în iulie si pe care le recomandăm nu din cărți, ci după cum arată și după cum s-au comportat de-a lungul anilor în propria noastră grădină.



Platycodon grandiflorus, floarea balon

Achillea ptarmica 'The Pearl'

Physostegia virginiana ”Summer Snow”

24 iul. 2017

In a Vase on Monday - A Beautiful Healer

I have never tested the healing properties of Echinacea (and I have read there are so many 🙂)! , but I love this plant mainly for the way it looks, its beautiful colours and the unique mixture of grace and strength that brings joy to our garden these days in July.

22 iul. 2017

July Blue

There are a few beautiful blue flowers in the garden these days and we love how they contrast with the other colours, especially with the green of the foliage.


Balloon Flower


20 iul. 2017

O vară cu (mult) flox

Anul acesta floxul este foarte frumos și parcă mai parfumat ca oricând ♡!Avem vreo 3 culori care au înflorit deja și unul alb care întârzie.L-am tot dus prin diverse locuri din grădină, primăvara, când e de vreo 10 cm și se mută ușor din tufă.

17 iul. 2017

In a Vase on Monday - Day's Eye

I have always loved daisies and since my childhood I have considered these simple yet sophisticated flowers some of the most beautiful appearances of the floral world. If I had had more space in my garden (and less snails!), I would have filled it with daisies ! Still, I have a few young clumps that I love watching these lovely sunny summer days. 

A few facts about daisies (via The Telegraph:
- are found everywhere on Earth except Antarctica
- the name ”daisy”is thought to come from the Old English ”daes eag” which means ”day's eye”
- represents purity and innocence
- a daisy is actually two flowers in one
- daisy leaves are edible

15 iul. 2017

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day - July 2017

Mid-July is with all colours, shapes and textures on display - Hydrangeas, Phlox, roses in second bloom, Echinacea, Baloon flowers, Physostegia virginiana ”Summer Snow”, Digitalis, Liatris, Achillea ptarmica Pearl, Salvia, Lavender and Lychnis Coronaria. Not to mention the little pansies that are still surviving, Iberis and Lobellias. Even Weigela and one of the Magnolia have flowers again!

Please visit Carol at May Dreams Garden to see what's blooming in July in other gardens from around the world.