29 aug. 2017

Vremea anemonelor de toamnă

Jumătate de an te tot uiți la tufele mari cu multe frunze și ți-e dor să le revezi în grădină și apoi, deodată, spre sfârșit de august, vezi cum din mijlocul lor apar niște bobițe care se tot înalță până ajung să se deschidă, albe și roz, elegante, fragile și puternice în același timp, niște prințese care s-au lăsat așteptate. Anemonele de toamnă, Anemones Hupensis.

28 aug. 2017

In a Vase on Monday - Back to School Mood

It is the last Monday of  this summer, the garden is slowly slipping into autumn and ”the back to school mood” is already in the air. And, as I have read recently that the blooming of Goldenrods in August is a reminder that it will soon be time for children to go back to school after summer holiday, my today arrangement is with plenty of Goldenrod and a few spikes of Snow-on-the-mountain/Euphorbia marginata from our old garden. Plus two Hydrangeas that have already started changing colour.

25 aug. 2017

A Late Summer Morning

We simply love these sunny late summer mornings ! The weather is perfect and the garden has that special  calm that you could only notice at the end of August.

21 aug. 2017

In a Vase on Monday - Fresh Lavender & Other Blues

Some late Lavender blooms display their beauty in our garden these days. They look great in a big zinc container, but also in the vase that I have arranged today with some other blues: salvias, lobelias, aster, bells, a balloon flower and a pansy.

19 aug. 2017

Late Summer in The Old Garden

This amazing flower which is  Euphorbia marginata (Snow on the mountain) has never been more beautiful in the old garden than it is this late summer.