30 iun. 2017

End of the Month View: June 2017

We are under heat and the garden is these days our oasis of freshness and beauty, with many roses in bloom and all sorts of summer flowers that have opened lately. And a stunning Yucca, this miracle-plant which, when in bloom, looks like a queen of the garden.

27 iun. 2017

The Tuesday View: 27th June 2017

This week it has been clear that due to those frosty days in March, Hydrangea will have only 3 flowers. But it looks nice anyway, with that lovely green of its leaves.

Then, little things that could be seen if we get closer in the view: a Hosta which has some wonderful light purple flowers these days, a very creative mixture of dried Allium and Lychnis.And the Aster clumps that are announcing quite a show in August.


26 iun. 2017

In a Vase on Monday - First Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas look so fresh when they begin to bloom!Early in the morning today, before the heat takes over, I have cut three of them for the Monday vase in which I have also put one yellow rose, a few spikes of blue Salvia and Lavender and seed heads of Allium. Have a great week!

22 iun. 2017

Un Cameleon în grădină

Trandafirul Cameleon ne place pentru că e mai „altfel” și, pe măsură ce se deschide, florile își schimbă culoarea, de la galben, la portocaliu și roșu. Un fel de colecție de mai multe soiuri într-o singură tufă     

19 iun. 2017

In a Vase on Monday - quick decision

Unlike other Mondays, today I knew from the very beginning, from the first look I had around the garden this morning, what flowers I wanted for my vase - Lychnis Coronaria with its lovely and unique colour (Bloody William is a good popular name for it, isn t it?! - in Romanian we call it Coronite, closer to the name Coronaria ) and Iberis Umbrellata whose beautiful light purple umbrellas are floating everywhere these days. A few spikes of Lavender, as usual and some late and fresh Weigela flowers and the vase has been ready very quickly! Have a great summer!   

 It is quite amazing to see how the same vase look different depending on the light they are in.