21 nov. 2018

Iarnă și toamnă împreună

Sunt niște zile speciale în grădină, un ameste plin de farmec de 2 anotimpuri, toamnă și iarnă împreună, un mix unic, care merita a fi imortalizat.

19 nov. 2018

In a Vase on Monday - Together

I arranged this vase yesterday, when it was cold, but it had not snowed yet so that one can see the this mix of beautiful colours, mums and roses together, summer and autumn in the same place at the same time.

18 nov. 2018

Prima ninsoare

Prima ninsoare din sezon trebuia imortalizată, nu-i  așa? S-a întâmplat ieri, dar abia azi am un pic de timp să postez fotografiile.

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day - November 2018

This year, mid-November has come with unexpected blooms and much colour that usually are not common at this time of the year.  

We have never had such a glorious red rose full of flowers and buds as the one we are admiring these days in our garden.

Pink and yellow roses are also some late beauties to consider.

Most of the mums are almost dead, but a few are still fresh.

As usual, blue Violas are also present in the garden:

This Bloom Day is also about fragile honeysuckle, some courageous primulas, a crazy dragonhead, campanullas and the first blooms of Xmas Rose: