29 oct. 2016

Murale de final de octombrie

E weekend și momentul de glorie al viței sălbatice care îmbracă de mulți ani casa. Nu avem parte de acest spectacol în fiecare an, pentru că depinde de vreme. Dacă octombrie e cald, zidurile casei devin tapiserii de culoare. Dacă e frig și dă bruma, frunzele nu se mai colorează și încep să cadă.

24 oct. 2016

In a Vase on Monday - Pink - tinged Ones

I simply love this time of the year when the white roses get delicate beautiful pink tinges on their petals, so I have thought it would be nice to choose it as the theme of my Monday vase.

White roses, some late white Aster, pinkish little mums and a Hydrangea .

22 oct. 2016

Garden Bloggers Foliage Day – October 2016

It has been quite a while since I last joined Christina at Creating my own garden of the Hesperides, but today I did not want to let it go as October is THE month of coloured leaves and it is stunning everywhere and in my garden, too. A good occasion to have a closer look at the shrubs and not at the flowers, as we usually do..

The show has just begun - wild vine on the house walls

2 ever green - Bergenia and  Golden Mop Cypress - and the Honeysuckle

Prunus triloba, flowering almond has some lovely colours these days

New foliage emerges with reddish purple tinting in spring, matures to blue-green by summer and finally turns reddish in fall - Spiraea Bumalda/ Japonica

Tuya occidentalis

Cornus stolonifera flaviramea has already turned yellow

Photinia compacta has lovely glossy green leaves that will turn into red in spring

Hydrangea leaves are lovely at this time of the year, none resembles the other

Ligustrum aureum has beautiful pink tinged leaves

Cornus alba sibirica
Tamarix tetrandra

Physocarpus Diabolo has started to change colour

Nandina, a star of the Autumn garden

Yukka, the evergreen that never changes colour

The Honeysuckle, still green

....and with a few blooms, still
Ilex Blue Prince