29 aug. 2016

In a Vase on Monday - Purple & White

A combination I always like when it comes to flower arrangements. Purple and white look great together, a little bit romantic and quite elegant, the very image of this end of summer. Hosta”Purple Passion”, white roses and a few Achillea ptarmica, ”The Pearl”.

8 comentarii:

  1. Oh those hosta blooms look lovely with the white roses - I don't think I have ever had more than one or two flower spikes from mine so yours must be a huge clump!

    1. I have 3 clumps and they are quite big, they have been in the garden for about 8 years. Love them!

  2. Lovely as always, Anca. The white jug is perfect for this combination. :)

  3. Very pretty roses. Beautiful Anca!