19 sept. 2017

The Tuesday View: 19th September 2017

A view with many, many stars! The purple Aster clump is in full bloom 😊.

Also, nice things happening in the flower bed at the back of the view - some beautiful pink Anemone Hupensis are opening these days, Sedum has got pinker and a new solar globe has just been installed.

Many thanks to Cathy at Words and Herbs for hosting the Tuesday View and for the idea of posting a photo of the same view of the garden week by week.

6 comentarii:

  1. Ooh, what lovely colours Anca! Those red flowers behind the Aster make a fabulous 'splash'! The globe looks really pretty too.

  2. Your aster is stunning, Anca. Very pretty garden you have there - the anemones are lovely and the red rose is an attention-grabber for sure!

  3. Minunate culorile in gradina ta! Sa te bucuri mult de fiecare planta!