16 aug. 2017

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day - August 2017

The garden is a little bit tired after so much heat, but there are still beauties that make us stop and admire them these days.
First, there are the roses which are in their second or third bloom:

Then, there are the Hydrangeas that even in August remain the stars of the garden and display a whole pastel of colours.

The Phlox is not as fresh and rich as it was last month, but it still looks great and dominates with its splendid colours and smell good parts of the garden:

Achillea Ptarmica is probably showing its last wave of little white pearls that have wonderfully decorated the garden in the last few months.

The Honeysuckle has just bloomed again and it smells as well as usual.

The blue ones are not so many, but very special:Salvia, Lavender, Lobellias ans some bells

It is the Hostas time and in some beds they look good in the company of the beautiful Echinaceea.

Unexpectedly, a Mum has flowered under the shelter of a dowwood.

The white Physostegia virginiana are still full of flowers and bees.
In containers there are also a few beauties:

While Weigela is still displaying a few elegant bouquets of pink flowers.

the first Anemone Hupensis has just opened.

Please visit Carol at May Dreams Garden to see what's blooming in July in other gardens from around the world.

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