2 ian. 2017

In a Vase on Monday - best of 2016

I do not necessarily think that one vase is more beautiful than another as each of them has its own charm, but as I have posted the Monday vases on my Facebook page inevitably people liked some of them more and some less. This is a kind of top 20 (out of 48) for 2016:



10 comentarii:

  1. It is always fun to look back at previous vases - no doubt some took you by surprise when you saw them again. Do you have a fvourite? Is your header picture a current one - the hellebores look lovely, nestling in the snow. Thnaks for sharing and best wishes for 2017

    1. The header picture is a current one, indeed.And no favourites, at least for the moment...

  2. Beautiful! It is different seeing them as a group, is it not? I prepared 2 collages of my some of my 2016 vases too, posting them as part of a year-end retrospective a few days before the end of the year.

  3. Nice to take a peek back at your vases from last year. All lovely and representative of the time. Happy New Year Anca.

  4. They are all wonderful Anca, and picking a favourite would simply be impossible. :) Have a very Happy New Year!