luni, 7 noiembrie 2016

In a Vase on Monday - The 3 Graces

With their tall and graceful flowers, the white Anemones Hupensis have been lightening the fall garden for about two months now. And look at these last three blooms, they are so delicate! The 3 Graces. / Ultimele anemone japoneze, cele 3 Grații.

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    1. Ah, ce bine zici, am schimbat titlul!Multumesc!

  2. The Three Graces indeed - so pretty. Thanks for sharing your lovely blooms Anca

  3. How perfect to celebrate 3 years of IAVOM - lovely with that filler, too. :)

  4. The anemones do define grace, Anca, and you accented them beautifully with the delicate Euphorbia flowers.

  5. Beautiful! And perfect for the theme 'three'. They must have been hanging on just for you to use them for a vase! ;-)