luni, 5 decembrie 2016

In a Vase on Monday - Grande Finale

Yesterday, I got these beautiful mums from my mother ( for years, she has had some wonderful clumps in her garden), just in time to celebrate the end of season in our garden with what I would call a ”grande finale” bouquet. It has been an amazing year in our garden, we have had  the most beautiful flowers ever and every single day we have felt blessed to enjoy such wonders. The vase is a very old one, it once belonged to my husband s grand grandmother. Have a great December!

16 comentarii:

  1. Ah, another chrysanthemum lover. You just can't beat them for late colour. I love yours, such rich colours.

  2. Lovely to see pink at this time of year, and I am one of the recent converts to hardy crysanthemums too but I have yet to have my own plants

  3. Chiar " Grand finale " ! A fost minunat sa urmaresc schimbarile in gradina ta fermecata. Multumesc !

    1. O sa mai gasim cate ceva prin gradina sa continuam, dar nu cu asa frumuseti! Mutumesc si eu, Dani, pentru niste pagini de jurnal speciale!

  4. I love your Grand Finale! And the family vase is very lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love these rich colours. Flowers do enrich your life, don't they?