12 dec. 2016

In a Vase on Monday - A Winter Touch

It is a mid December with no snow, but with enough elements in the garden that could inspire a bouquet with a winter touch - red fruits from Nandina domestica, blue berries from the Boston Ivy that is covering the house walls and rose hips, accompanied by dried grasses collected in autumn and the last red rose blooms.

8 comentarii:

  1. Oh that looks like a real end-of-season vase, with the grasses and berries and roses and foliage. I found a rose blooming at the end of the climbing rose I was pruning so cut it and brought it indoors to enjoy. It may well be the last! Thanks for sharing today, Anca

  2. Lovely! Reminds me of my grandmother's farmhouse kitchen. <3

  3. Sweet late season arrangement, Anca. Do you expect snow soon? We've already had a few snowfalls.

    1. Snow has come last night, unexpectedly! We woke up in Wonderland!

  4. It is surprising how much there is still to be found - a lovely late season vase Anca, and who would believe it is almost Christmas! :)