9 aug. 2016

The Tuesday View: 9th July 2016

This Tuesday view, in brief: the Hydrangea has faded a little bit  under the extreme heat we are facing these days, everything still green, Aphrodite (hosta  plantaginea) is showing its first blooms, more and more flowers of Purple Passion (hosta) and 6 African Daisies that have just opened for the second time (last week there were only 3). Thanks to Cathy at Words and Herbs for hosting the Tuesday View and for the idea of posting a photo of the same view of the garden week by week.

4 comentarii:

  1. Hi Anca. Your Hydrangea looks pretty even as it fades, and I am amazed your Hostas are still flowering. Mine went over so quickly in the heat. The white one is lovely! Thanks for joining me again! :)

  2. Beautiful, Anca! The scent of the white hosta makes it one of my favorites - so heavenly, esp. at night. Do you dry your hydrangea for inside arrangements?

    1. Yes, I dry a few hydrangea heads, they look nice in winter arrangements. Thanks for visiting Eliza!