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Primrose, love&happiness

”The main meaning for the Primrose is love and happiness so when giving a bouquet with these flowers in them, be sure that you have the right intensions when presenting them. It is said that when you give a bouquet of Primroses then you are telling the other person that you cannot live without them.

 Primrose is also used for medicinal and culinary purposes making it not only a beautiful flower to look at but a very useful one too. Primula Veris was made into cowslip wine and was used as a sedative. The juice of the flowers was often combined with other ingredients to produce anti wrinkle creams and was also used in the treatment of facial spots. These flowers were also used as a treatment for nervousness and palsy by combining the flowers with sugar and boiling them until they formed syrup. For culinary purposes some of the primroses can be used as garnish or eaten in salads. The Primula vulgaris is very popular for these purposes as well as for wine and preserves.

Poets have also used the Primrose to express themselves through the ages from William Shakespeare in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to the 19th century poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem “To a Primrose.”

To A Primrose
The first seen in the season

Nitens et roboris expers
Turget et insolida est: et spe delectat.
- Ovid, Metam. [xv.203].

Thy smiles I note, sweet early Flower,
That peeping from thy rustic bower
The festive news to earth dost bring,
A fragrant messenger of Spring.

But, tender blossom, why so pale?
Dost hear stern Winter in the gale?
And didst thou tempt the ungentle sky
To catch one vernal glance and die?

Such the wan lustre Sickness wears
When Health's first feeble beam appears;
So languid are the smiles that seek
To settle on the care-worn cheek,

When timorous Hope the head uprears,
Still drooping and still moist with tears,
If, through dispersing grief, be seen
Of Bliss the heavenly spark serene.

And sweeter far the early blow,
Fast following after storms of Woe,
Than (Comfort's riper season come)
Are full-blown joys and Pleasure's gaudy bloom.


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