luni, 16 martie 2015

In a Vase on Monday - pale &clean

Primroses are lovely these days, just starting to open wide. Beautiful, clean petals, elegant spots of  pale colours shining in my garden.

The Song of the Primrose Fairy 
The Primrose opens wide in spring;
Her scent is sweet and good:
It smells of every happy thing
In sunny land and wood.
I have not half the skill to sing
And praise her as I should.

She's dear to folk throughout the land;
In her is nothing mean:
She freely spreads on every hand
Her petals pale and clean.
And though she's neither proud nor grand,
She is the Country Queen.

by Cicely Mary Barker


7 comentarii:

  1. Oh I adore all the spring colors here in this lovely bunch of primroses.

  2. Bright spring colours, what could be better?

  3. I love primroses, although I didn't grow any of the English variety this year as the weather seemed too warm for them. Your collection is beautiful - just the right mix of pastel colors.

  4. So sweet to see these in vase - and I like your fairy plaque. What were the twiggy buds? They add that little extra something, don't they? Thanks for joining in regularly Anca :)

  5. Lovely. I don't often see primrose growing here so it's a special treat to see yours. Susie

  6. They are lovely Anca! As are the words and your fairy. :) I planted several primroses last autumn, but only one is flowering so far... I hope I will have a mix of such pretty colours as yours one day!

  7. Vad ca ai descoperit si poemele :) Si eu am incurcat-o pe Cicely Barker cu Beatrix Potter :) Oricum, amandoua imi sunt foarte dragi ...