marți, 18 octombrie 2016

The Tuesday View: 18th October 2016

Apparently,  nothing has changed in my Tuesday view, the red rose still looks like a Christmas tree full of decorations, the Japanese Anemones are still in bloom, the huge Hydrangea is displaying the same great autumn reddish colour and the grass is still very green. But at a closer look, you can see the first signs of autumn, those beautiful pink tinges on the leaves that are growing bigger every day now.

 Many thanks to Cathy at Words and Herbs for hosting the Tuesday View and for the idea of posting a photo of the same view of the garden week by week.

4 comentarii:

  1. Yes, the pink tinges are just one of the lovely signs of autumn. Your view still looks so lovely Anca! :)

  2. The colors are becoming bolder as they creep into every leaf!