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Flower of the month (March) - the daffodil

Daffodil, narcissus, jonquil, Lent lily, Easter bells, whatever you call it, this little yellow wonder is one of the most popular springtime flowers of all time!

The legend about the origin of the daffodil begins with a young Greek boy named Narcissus who was completely obsessed with himself and his beauty. (As you might have guessed, this is where we get the concept of narcissism.) One day, the boy found a small pond where he was able to see his reflection; he was so completely engrossed with himself he refused to leave and died of starvation. The gods turned the boy’s remains into the first “Narcissus” flower and that is the origin of the lovely flower we see today.

Daffodils come in hundreds of styles and colors. For horticultural purposes they are divided into 13 divisions. The above diagram shows the divisions, or the basic shape types of daffodils.

Division 1: Trumpet — Solitary flowers with trumpets or cups as large or larger than the petals of the flower.
Division 2: Large-cupped — Solitary flowers with a short, large cup.
Division 3: Small-cupped — Solitary flowers with a small, short cup.
Division 4: Double — Stems have one or more flowers and a doubling or more of the cup.
Division 5: Triandrus — Stems have 2 to 6 flowers, usually short cups, and the petals are reflexed, or reversed.
Division 6: Cyclamineus — Solitary flower with it’s stem angled downward, as well as reflexed petals.
Division 7: Jonquilla — Stems have 1 to 5 flowers with very small cups.
Division 8: Tazetta — Small-flowered Tazetta division can have up to 20 flowers per stem, larger ones have only 3 or 4. They have small cups.
Division 9: Poeticus — Solitary flower with pure white petals and a tiny, red-ringed cup.
Division 10: Bulbocodium — Includeds all wild daffodils and their wild hybrids.
Division 11: Split-corona — Usually solitary flowers with a split corona, or cup.

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