luni, 16 octombrie 2017

In a Vase on Monday - Only in October

There are a few colours that we have in our garden only in October and burgundy is one of them. You see it in a few varieties of mums, in sedum and the leaves of Physo­carpus diabolo and hydrangeas.So special!

12 comentarii:

  1. Oh such lovely colours, Anca - isn't it strange how colours can often be seasonal in our gardens?

    1. Strange and magic at the same time. Thanks, Cathy!

  2. This is another masterful color combination, Anca! Absolutely lovely.

  3. I love that you used the colored leaves with the mums, it looks terrific, Anca!

  4. The coloured hydrangea leaf immediately caught my eye. The shading works perfectly to complement and off-set the burgundy flowers.

  5. The foliage and purple flowers go so well together - a lovely vase Anca!