19 iun. 2017

In a Vase on Monday - quick decision

Unlike other Mondays, today I knew from the very beginning, from the first look I had around the garden this morning, what flowers I wanted for my vase - Lychnis Coronaria with its lovely and unique colour (Bloody William is a good popular name for it, isn t it?! - in Romanian we call it Coronite, closer to the name Coronaria ) and Iberis Umbrellata whose beautiful light purple umbrellas are floating everywhere these days. A few spikes of Lavender, as usual and some late and fresh Weigela flowers and the vase has been ready very quickly! Have a great summer!   

 It is quite amazing to see how the same vase look different depending on the light they are in.

14 comentarii:

  1. Gorgeous colors and I especially love the Iberis Umbrellata.

  2. It's a wonderful collection of colors, Anca! I find that the flowers that instantly form a vase in your mind are often the best ones once put together too.

  3. Oh those lychnis are a darker colour than the ones I have - VERY nice, and they make such a pretty vase

  4. It's wonderful to be so inspired with garden blooms to know immediately the vase you will be enjoying! Such passionate colors, this one!!

  5. Gorgeous as always Anca! I really love the Iberis - I only know the white sort. :) Happy Summer!

  6. Good morning Anca
    It must be great to have so many different plants in your garden so you can create a beautiful bouquet.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Rosehugs Marijke