31 mar. 2017

End of the Month View - March 2017

E la fel cum ziceam și anul trecut, pe vremea asta: e poate cea mai frumoasă perioadă din an, cea cu luatul de la capăt. E multă energie în grădină, un ritm alert, toate se grăbesc să fie cum au mai fost acum un an. E un amestec de tot felul de culori, de tot felul de nuanțe de verde, de crengi de-abia înmugurite, de ramuri încă goale. Sunt noutăți și surprize în fiecare zi, se tot întâmplă lucruri. Spațiul nu e încă ocupat, orice schimbare e la vedere, ne uităm la detalii, care ce formă are, care pe unde a mai răsărit, ce formă au bobocii sau cum cade lumina. / It is perhaps the most beautiful time of the year, the r e s t a r t  one.There is a lot of energy in the garden, everything in it is rushing to be as it was last year. A mix of many colours, of all sorts of shades of green, of branches in blooms or that are still empty. There are news and surprises every day as many things are happening. The space is not yet completely covered with plants, so every change can be seen at once, we  have eyes for the details - who is breaking through, who is in bloom, whose buds are opening, how the light is falling on leaves.

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4 comentarii:

  1. Hi Anca. Your garden is looking great and at this time of year it looks just like the gardens here in england

    1. Thanks, Steve!Yes,the same flowers are in bloom here and in the UK. That is the beauty of gardeners blogs, we can see what is similar and what is different in various parts of the world.

  2. Beautiful spring blooms! Handsome dogs, too!